Why Your Physique Wants Magnesium

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Opinion by Jake Crossman

A latest examine decided as much as 40% of People are poor in magnesium, however the signs of magnesium deficiency have turn out to be intertwined with the signs of growing old:

You turn out to be simply fatigued
You don’t have as a lot vitality as you used to
Your muscle mass, joints, and bones ache
You may’t keep asleep so long as you need

Whereas the widespread dimension of magnesium glycinate complement is round 175mg per capsule, your physique must retailer over 20g of magnesium at any given time! That’s 20,000mg of magnesium!

With so many several types of magnesium, together with glycinate, chloride, citrate, and extra, it may be exhausting to know what’s the perfect magnesium complement, however let’s dive into why your physique wants magnesium and how one can simply enhance your well being with a magnesium complement!

How Your Physique Makes use of Magnesium

Whereas everybody is aware of magnesium is a component on the periodic desk, most individuals don’t know that just about 40% of all People are poor on this life-sustaining mineral.

Magnesium is liable for over 300 enzyme reactions in your physique. That implies that over 300 of the routine processes that your physique does to maintain you alive on daily basis require magnesium!

“Magnesium is liable for over 300 enzyme reactions in your physique.”

Your cells (and particularly your mitochondria) want magnesium to operate. Mobile redox is the power your cells need to course of vitality, which implies the extra magnesium your cells have to make use of, the higher they will course of vitality.

Magnesium can also be essential for digestion. Your digestive tract wants magnesium to correctly break down vitamins, utilizing a few of these 300 enzyme reactions within the course of, and take up these vitamins to your physique to make use of – it’s fairly clear how essential magnesium is for each day life, however magnesium can also be essential for some lesser-known jobs in your physique.

Magnesium For: Anxiousness & Despair

There was in depth scientific analysis on how taking a magnesium complement can positively have an effect on the way in which the synapses in your mind regulate melatonin and plenty of different hormones. It has been mentioned that taking a each day magnesium complement could also be as helpful as utilizing remedy and antidepressants to fight the illness.

Magnesium has additionally been researched and checked out as a smoking cessation assist, a robust ally within the struggle to stop smoking. There are experiences of frequent people who smoke who, after taking magnesium for lower than 4 weeks, noticed a large lower in cigarettes smoked per day in addition to a diminished urge to smoke.

Magnesium For: Vitality & Stress

One more reason why your physique wants magnesium is that magnesium will enhance your vitality ranges and cut back your stress. 

It is because your physique wants magnesium to correctly regulate hormone manufacturing, with one of many main hormones being cortisol, the stress hormone. When your physique has sufficient magnesium, your physique isn’t compelled to depend on cortisol for elevated vitality by way of glycogenesis, which is the method your physique does to show carbs into vitality. Nonetheless, in case you don’t have sufficient magnesium, your physique will need to produce additional cortisol, making you burdened, irritated, and low vitality.

Magnesium For: Coronary heart Well being

One other advantage of taking magnesium is the way it positively impacts your coronary heart. In accordance with the Nationwide Library of Medication, magnesium was proven to quickly resolve unfavorable cardiac occasions in sufferers in addition to deal with irregular heartbeat-related ailments.

Simply to cowl what we have now talked about to date: taking a magnesium complement can fight melancholy & nervousness, lower the urge to smoke, enhance your vitality and productiveness ranges, cut back stress and stress, and drastically enhance your general coronary heart well being.

Why Your Physique Wants Magnesium: Extra Advantages

Past the whole lot we’ve already talked about, magnesium is utilized by your physique for another essential processes, together with:

Stress reduction 
Lowering muscle cramps
Eliminating Migraine complications 
Serving to to forestall diabetes
Support in lowering stressed leg syndrome and sleepless nights 
Support in digestive, and intestine well being
Enhance imaginative and prescient 
Enhance power and longevity 
Enhance pores and skin circumstances together with eczema 
Support in kidney well being

Personally, I consider magnesium improves my cognitive operate in addition to offers me extra vitality all through the day, as I’m capable of assume and be productive for the entire day. 

Completely different Sorts Of Magnesium

Whereas there are a lot of several types of magnesium to select from, USA Medical solely affords magnesium glycinate as an ingestable complement, as magnesium glycinate is the perfect type of magnesium to your physique because it’s simple to soak up and use. Another types of magnesium embody:

Magnesium citrate (laxative)
Magnesium chloride
Magnesium lactate
Magnesium malate
Magnesium taurate
Magnesium sulfate
Magnesium oxide

The explanation magnesium glycinate is taken into account the perfect to your physique is that it’s the most bioavailable, which implies it’s the best to your physique to make use of!

Why Your Physique Wants Magnesium: Remaining Ideas

Once I first began taking magnesium, I couldn’t inform the distinction, nevertheless after a couple of weeks of use, I spotted I used to be much less drained throughout the day, sleeping higher at evening, my digestion was smoother (if you recognize what I imply), and general I began to really feel much less stress.

Magnesium isn’t like different plant-based drugs that may assist, your physique wants magnesium… easy as that.


Magnesium is a necessary mineral, enjoying a job in over 300 enzyme reactions in your physique. In accordance with the U.S. Nationwide Library of Medication, as much as 48% of People don’t get sufficient magnesium of their food regimen – USA Medical is right here to unravel that downside.

Magnesium Glycinate is the perfect type of magnesium to your physique. Additionally referred to as Magnesium Bi-Glycinate, USA Medical Magnesium will get to work the second you’re taking it. Made in a Good Manufacturing Follow (GMP) facility within the USA, USA Medical nutritional vitamins undergo rigorous testing for efficiency, purity, and integrity.

Cut back Stress, Anxiousness, & Rigidity
Help Over 300 Enzyme Reactions
Enhance Digestion, Immune, and Cardiovascular Perform

Dimension: 60 Capsules
Servings per Container: 30 Servings
Magnesium per Serving: 350mg Magnesium

Advisable Use: Take 2 capsules each day with meals, adopted by a full glass of water.


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