CBDistillery Online Store

CBDistillery Online Store

CBDistillery Online Store offers US customers excellent CBD Products.
Only for people over 18.
  • Fast Shipping
  • User Friendly Website
  • Experienced Operator and CDB Reailer
  • Short Support Hours

CBDistillery Online Store

The CBDistillery Online Store is a community-driven brand that sells pure cannabidiol and CBD oil products at affordable prices with no prescription.

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The brand caters to those looking for alternatives to traditional medicine and prides itself on its quality products. CBDistillery also offers vapes, pet products, and other products that contain CBD, cannabinol, or CBG compounds.

CBDistillery has been featured in many media sources such as The New York Times, Forbes, CNN, and USA Today.

This CBDistillery review will dive deep into the brand and its products. It will also look at the customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy.

CB Distillery has certification from the United States Hemp Authority. This means a third-party organisation independently reviews each product for quality standards. The Distillery was founded in Colorado by a community of CBD enthusiasts.

CBDistillery Online Store products

Around 2016, the founders observed some shortcomings of the emerging CBD industry—mainly noticing that products were overpriced and the market was saturated with low-quality products.

CBDistillery CBD Online Store Best Sellers

Find the perfect CBD product for you – Discover the Best Sellers!

The Distillery believes that people should have access to high-quality, reasonably priced, hemp-derived products grown locally in the U.S. This is why we are happy to introduce you to the CBDistillery CBD Online Store Best Sellers.

Its mission is to provide an alternative path to a healthy and balanced life while making CBD more accessible. The store is one of the market’s best organic and environmentally friendly CBD oils. US Hemp Authority Certified, the brand only uses non-GMO and pesticide-free industrial hemp grown organically on Colorado farms.

CBDistillery Online Store products

CBDistillery Store Information

The Distillery offers a large selection of CBD products. Each label contains information about the strengths and compounds in a given product. It also grows its own hemp using nongenetically modified organism plants.

The Distillery’s products include:

  • Powders: A person can use these in topical formulas they can prepare at home.
  • Softgels: These edibles contain 30 milligrams (mg) of CBD that an individual swallows as an easy way to ingest.
  • Oil tinctures: A person should place the recommended serving under their tongue for 10–15 seconds before swallowing.
  • Gummies: These are an edible form of CBD. Each gummy provides 30 mg of CBD, with 30 pieces in a container. Learn more about CBD gummies.

CBDistillery Store Information
CBDistillery Online Store products

CBDistillery Shipping and Information


CBDistillery ships its orders via UPS Surepost.

It ships packages within 48 hours after processing your payment, and you should expect a delivery time of 5-7 days after the order is shipped.

Also, all orders worth $75 or more receive free shipping.
2nd-day delivery has an extra cost of $23.67

Once you are done shopping, you must click the shopping cart logo to get to the checkout page. Once you are there, you must enter your details and proceed to checkout.

Free Shipping

CBDistillery Online Store products

What is CBD and how does it work?

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. CBD has many health benefits. The molecule cannabidiol (CBD) and the carrier coconut oil in our bottles of CBD oil can be supportive in various health situations.

However, CBD-rich oil is now a promising legal health product suitable for many uses. It helps with inner turmoil, insomnia, and high blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. These are a few examples, but cannabidiol can be used in many more situations.

What is CBD and how does it work?

CBDistillery Online Store products

The Distillery Store Payment Methods

Once you reach the checkout page, you will have a few options to choose from: Billing (If you have a company) or then you will be able to pay your purchases with your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB card or Discover Card.

CBDistillery Store Payment Methods

CB Distillery CBD Online Store Customer Service

💬 Live Chat Yes – 8am – 5pm MST
📧 Email: customersupport@thecbdistillery.com
☎️ Phone Number No

Pure Hemp Shop Customer Service

CBDistillery Online Store products

CBDistillery Store FAQ

Is it safe to buy from CB Distillery Store?

Yes, CB Distillery is a safe online store to buy from.

Does CBDistillery Store offer free shipping?

The CB Distillery offers free shipping for orders over $75.

Does CBDistillery Store sell 100% legal products?

All products sold at the Distillery are 100% legal and inspected by a third-party company to ensure legal and quality standards.

How many products does CB Distillery Store have?

The CB Distillery has around 190+ CBD products and around 50+ accessories.

What payment methods does CB Distillery Store have?

The payment methods at CB Distillery that you can use are American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club

Does CBDistillery Store have CBD products that have no THC?

Yes, CBDistillery has. Make sure to check that the product is THC-Free when making your order.

Does CBDistillery Store have safe and secure payment methods?

Oh Yes! The payment methods at CBDistillery are 100% safe and secure.

How are my products delivered when I order from CBDistillery Store?

Your products will be shipped discreetly in a sealed package that will not cause attention.

How long does it take to receive my order from CBDistillery  Store?

Packages will ship within 48 business hours through UPS. Shipping generally takes about five business days, except for high order volume.

CBDistillery Online Store products

CBDistillery Store Final Verdict

It has come to the point where we will share our final verdict regarding the CBDistillery Online Store. We placed two (2) separate orders delivered on time, and everything was packed discreetly. The products were just what the CBD Professor recommended.

The CBD Professor is now writing his Final Verdict regarding CBDistillery  Store. What are the key points that we consider essential, and what does the online store offer its customers for us to say that this is an excellent place to shop?

Let´s start with the essential thing: the CBD store has to have excellent and trustworthy payment methods, like credit cards: Visa and Mastercard. Then comes the delivery time.

You do not want to order something and wait for it to arrive for weeks!

CBDistillery offers a wide selection of CBD products online. These undergo third-party testing, and their labels contain clear information about the ingredients. CBDistillery products range in price from a few dollars to over $100.

Fast delivery times are the key! CBDistillery Store offers this. Then we look at one more point that not many regular online shoppers care about, but for us, this is important: the site is both user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

This comes from the simple fact that these days over 70% of online shoppers are shopping with their mobile devices. So for you to access your CBD store on your smartphone, is it an Android or iOS device.

They’ve amassed over 60k followers on Instagram, 440k mentions, and 37,000+ people have downloaded The Ultimate CBD User Guide. The #CBDMOVEMENT is gaining momentum rapidly and challenging consumers to think differently about wellness. 

CBDistillery Store Payment Methods

CBDistillery Online Store products

How do we rate the CBD Online Stores?

We have a few things that we pay attention to when it comes to online stores, and the essential key factors are:

  • Fast Delivery
  • Superior Products
  • Professional Website
  • Good Payment Methods
  • Good Customer Service

Then come all the promotions, discounts and other offers. Once the CBD Online Store has these things working for them, they have a good start, and we are pretty sure that we will be able to give them a good review. We, of course, do our homework, so we research them, so if they have complaints or overall bad reviews, then we will not be listing that online store.

Bonus points are given from things like a live chat offered to online shoppers and next-day delivery as well as free delivery. But in general, we will test the CBD website before reviewing it to ensure it is good enough for our readers. 

CBDistillery Online Store products

CBDistillery Online Store

CBDistillery Online Store Details

🌿 Fast US Shipping
🌿 Experienced Operator
🌿 Excellent Payment Methods
Product Selection
Delivery Time
Payment Options
Customer Support
3.8 Overall Rating
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