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Have you ever heard of Celtic Hemp?

In a lately printed paper in Hashish and Cannabinoid Analysis, Dr. John M. McPartland and Saoirse E. O’Sullivan hint hemp’s prehistoric journey from Asia to Hibernia – now modern-day Eire. Like a lot of Europe, hashish arrived in Eire when written data have been scarce.

The authors depend on archeological, linguistic, and pollen analyses as they doc the migration of hashish throughout Europe. Historical pollen, extracted from mud, accommodates alerts from hashish’s previous. Seeds from crops and uncommon archeological artifacts present further clues testifying to hemp’s intimate relationship with humankind.

Hundreds of years in the past, the medicinal properties of hashish have been remarked in historic texts. At the moment, people residing nearer to the plant’s space of origin on the Tibetan plateau relied on fibers from hashish stalks for textiles. By 400 BCE, people left proof of hashish the place Celtic tradition is assumed to have originated.

The Birthplace of Celtic Tradition

Individuals of the Yamnaya tradition, encompassing fashionable Ukraine, utilized hashish crops sooner than the Celtic tradition that emerged in Europe in the course of the Iron Age (1200-550 BC). Hashish fibers and water-logged seeds first appeared in Hallstatt, a area close to fashionable Austria, which is taken into account the birthplace of the Celtic peoples.

However the phrases used for hashish and hemp have been all borrowed from one other tradition. The dearth of an ancestorial phrase for hemp or hashish in Proto-Celtic implies that the inhabitants of Halsttatt spoke a language unrelated to early precursors of the Celtic lexicon.

The Celtic individuals didn’t document their earliest historical past. Druids, non secular figures within the Celtic political system, as an alternative memorized massive volumes of oral historical past. 

The Roman Conquest

By the primary century BC, when Romans had conquered a lot of Europe, Celtic peoples settled in components of France, Spain, and Eire. Peoples of Brittany in France spoke Previous Breton, which included the phrase coarch to explain hemp fiber. Iunobrus, a Breton Monk, used the phrase canap to explain hashish in 848 AD, borrowing the phrase from Roman Latin. (The Romans, in flip, had borrowed the Latin phrase from the Greek kannabis, which the Greeks acquired from the Scythians.) Phrases describing “hemp” or “hashish” finally grew to become a part of the Center Irish tongue.

McPartland and O’Sullivan observe that Roman-British missionaries introduced hashish to the Galleic Celts in Hibernia. The onset of hemp cultivation in Hibernia correlated chronologically (and proximally) with the founding of Romano-British monasteries.

The individuals of Hibernia wrote with the Celtic Tree Alphabet, identified formally as Ogham. They carved symbols in a vertical line, indicating letters in a phrase. Round 400 Ogham examples stay all through Eire, that are largely carved into stone monuments.

The total scholarly report on the origins of hashish in Eire by John M. McPartland and Saoirse E O’Sullivan might be accessed right here.

Travis Cesarone is a contract author and communicator specializing in medical hashish sciences.. Copyright, Venture CBD. Might not be reprinted with out permission.


McPartland, J. M., & O’Sullivan, S. E. (2023). Origins of Hashish sativa in Eire and the Idea of Celtic Hemp: An Interdisciplinary Assessment. Hashish and cannabinoid analysis, 0.1089/can.2022.0263.

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