Cannabichromene, a Minor Cannabinoid with Main Upside

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In 2013, Noriko Shinjyo, Ph.D., a Analysis Affiliate at Chiba College in Japan, coauthored a research with Italian scientist Vincenzo Di Marzo on cannabichromene (CBC), a phytocannabinoid that exerts profound results on the nervous system.1

Printed in Neurochemistry Worldwide, their paper probed how CBC influences the destiny of grownup neural stem progenitor cells, that are described as “a vital part of mind operate in well being in addition to in pathology.” As stem cells mature, they alter and differentiate into new neurons and different cells. CBC was proven to have a constructive impact on neural stem progenitor cells throughout their maturation part, based on in vitro analysis.

Lately a special group of scientists has adopted up on this decade-old discovery by delineating seven mechanisms by which CBC is ready to defend and regenerate the nervous system. They reported their findings in Life, a Swiss scientific journal, noting that CBC, a “neurogenesis enhancer,” allows stem cells “to maintain their viability and differentiation.”2

What Are Neural Stem Cells?

Scientists have recognized particular areas of the mind — the hippocampus and the lateral ventricles — the place neural stem cells are created. These cells bear a maturation course of, generally known as differentiation, which is a vital stage for younger cells positioned within the spinal twine, brainstem, and mind areas programmed for muscle management. Younger stem cells evolve into new neurons, however they’ll additionally kind cells that comprise the protecting sheath surrounding nerves.

Some neural stem cells differentiate into astroglial cells, often known as astrocytes. These plentiful star-shaped cells populate the gray and white matter of the mind, the place they regulate cerebral blood move and the transmission {of electrical} impulses. Additionally they play an important function in sustaining the blood-brain barrier and repairing the mind and spinal twine following an an infection or a traumatic damage.

CBC is a “neurogenesis enhancer” that permits stem cells “to maintain their viability and differentiation.”

However a subpopulation of those mature cells stays dormant. That’s lucky, on condition that energetic astrocytes can stunt the mind’s pure potential to regenerate after an damage. Which means a regulated maturation of neural stem cells, positioned within the mind and spinal twine, helps to guard and regenerate the nervous system. And this course of is augmented by CBC, a hashish compound, which regulates the manufacturing of latest neurons, whereas additionally lowering the formation of energetic mature cells that will impede regeneration after a mind damage. 

Can CBC Regenerate Embryonic Cells?

In 2023, a staff of six Italian scientists revealed new particulars that designate how CBC protects and regenerates broken neurons and nervous system elements. They used a particular kind of spinal twine cell derived from an embryonic mouse, mixed with neuroblastoma cells, to make their discovery. The staff assessed adjustments within the genetic panorama of the cells after exposing them to CBC and a management media. 

By additional refining their evaluation, the staff elucidated newly found mechanisms behind cannabichromene. The plant cannabinoid helps to facilitate correct dopamine neuron and glutamate receptor maturation. And whereas numerous cannabinoids regulate the formation of the nerve’s protecting sheath, their neuronal regeneration is determined by different capabilities of CBC. 

A Balancing Act with Choline

It appears that evidently one newly discovered mechanism of CBC may work synergistically with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), whereas additionally counteracting the consequences of alpha-pinene, a terpene present in numerous hashish chemovars and different botanicals.3

Alpha-pinene seems to behave instantly towards CBC at a particular neurotransmitter that sends indicators from muscle to neuron. That transmitter is within the choline household, which is protected by pinene however is damaged down extra quickly below CBC publicity. Choline is essential for cognition, mind growth, neural stem cell maturation, muscle motion, and different fundamental capabilities.

THC downregulates the choline transmitter, whereas CBC boosts a gene that codes for a particular choline-destroying enzyme; thus, each CBC and THC are implicated within the discount of choline, and this could defend the nervous system and regenerate neurons. Alpha-pinene, alternatively, retains cognition taut by defending choline. It’s a balancing act. Using CBC, the scientists conclude, “may symbolize an essential addition to the regeneration of the nervous system, however additional experiments must make clear and optimize how CBC could possibly be successfully used for this objective.”

Travis Cesarone is a contract author and communicator specializing in medical hashish sciences. © Copyright, Challenge CBD. Is probably not reprinted with out permission.


Shinjyo, N., & Di Marzo, V. (2013). The impact of cannabichromene on grownup neural stem/progenitor cells. Neurochemistry worldwide, 63(5), 432–437.

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